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Coming in the not too distant future (from the front page) a complete history of the coin, in folklore, stories, history and popular culture. You won’t believe how widespread this trick is!

We look at the coin’s use in the Wild West, and in Hollywood today, including its frequent appearance in Batman (it is the symbol, after all, of Two Face). It has also been known in Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, and the Great Depression (where it saved a canny gambler from starvation in the story ‘The Lucky Gambler’.

Please see the front page of this site for a brief rundown of the history of this much loved toy. We know you will love holding a special piece of magic history in your hand. Even as a ‘curio’ it is a wonder to behold.

Do you have any stories, trivia, history, or tidbits about these coins? Have you ever found a coin “au natural” – a natural double coin? If so – you would be lucky beyond your dreams – these can go for as high as $100,000 to certain collectors!

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